Family / Carer Support

Research demonstrates that caregivers who experience stress and have little respite are more likely to “burn out” and, informal care is there for put at risk.   Adult Day Services such as provided by Muirshiel Centre can help to ease the pressures on caregivers by providing them with time to take care of other needs and address other priorities.  At the same time, it addresses the day to day needs of the individual receiving care and support in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment. Research discovered that those attending a day care centre reported having more confidence since attending, felt more stimulated, and the majority of respondents
experienced a greater sense of contentment and wellbeing. A follow-up study of the benefits of adult day care found that participants had continued to experience a positive impact, specifically in terms of confidence and reduced social isolation. It was also found that a sense of belonging and social ties with other attendees contributed to an increase in self-esteem of the attendees and, ‘participants’ reported that since joining they felt less lonely, enjoyed the company and their general wellbeing had greatly improved’