Our Day Care Model is a structured and comprehensive package that provide individuals with socialization, assistance and monitoring, personal care and nutrition in a supportive setting.   The service contributes to the maintenance and enhancement of daily living skills, transportation, assistance with personal care and assistance with medication. Service needs are regularly reviewed to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our service users.

Muirshiel centre operates a day care model offering various therapeutic and recreational activities designed to boost self-esteem and provide socialization. These include but is not limited to, discussion groups, arts and crafts, games and dancing, or activitys designed to stimulate memory and reminisce.

Our model is ideally tailored to the needs of those with functionally impairment, needing the assistance of another person in one of the following activities of daily living:  toileting, mobility, transferring, or eating; or needing observation / support due to cognitive impairment.  Those living with a diagnosis of dementia fit this profile and benefit from this type of support through engagement in a stimulating and social environment.

Why do we need it?

Adult Day Services are an important component of the community-based service-delivery system.  Programs help to delay or prevent residential placement, while providing vital assistance to the older person with cognitive and/or physical impairments and supporting their family / caregivers.

Family / Carer Support

Research demonstrates that caregivers who experience stress and have little respite are more likely to “burn out” and, informal care is there for put at risk.   Adult Day Services can help to ease the pressures on caregivers by providing them with time to take care of other needs and address other priorities.  At the same time, it addresses the basic needs of the individual receiving care and support in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment.